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Freedom to Boris Stomahin!!! Макет листовки к WSD

Freedom to Boris Stomahin!!! 

An Eternal Political Prisoner of Russia, 
a Poet, a Writer, a Fighter

From the hell of Russian jail he continues to speak his mind. His opinions on Russia and its history are radical, to say the least. Yet, it is only words, and opinions, expressed in his blog. We demand his freedom! No persecution for words, thoughts, and opinions!!!


Who is Boris Stomahin? 

A Russian radical blogger, (http://lj.rossia.org/users/stomahin), (http://soprotivlenie.marsho.net), who is being held in prison in Russia awaiting trial for his second sentence, his only crime being his words and opinions. 

Why his prosecution should concern us all? 

A freedom of expression and opinion is being severely tramped on as Russia turns into the authoritarian regime dominated country. As a last major empire, an aggressive and repressive Russia poses a danger to the rest of the world, especially to its neighbors. Because the evil of censorship needs to be stopped! 

What is his record? 

Born in 1974, he has been in politics since 1991 as a blogger, a journalist, a writer with strong opinions. Started as Trotskyite, crystallized as a committed Libertarian. He was one of the few who consistently sided with the victims of Russian aggression, i.e. Chechnya in 1994, and 1999 till now, Georgia in 2008, etc. Arrested in 2006, ((trying to escape, he fell off the fourth floor, and broke his back), he served five years sentence for a "thought-crime”, a blog. Arrested again in 2012, he is currently awaiting a trial. 

What can you do? 

You can write to him: 
127081, Москва, ул. Вилюйская, 4, СИЗО-4 
Стомахину Борису Владимировичу 
Russia, Moscow 

You can go on the Russian-language website www.patriofil.ru which supports him 

* * * 

There is no one with me at this stage, 
No relations, no lovers, no friends, 
Through the windows beacons old age, 
Oh my last and my only friend. 

Can not bear the homeland of mine, 
I shall never return to my home, 
Got to go to foreign lands, 
To escape Russia’s grime and slime. 

But the locks on the prison are solid, 
And the bars on the windows are hard, 
Soon enough I’ll be sentenced for speaking, 
By them Sovieto-Russian guards. 

They shall force me to descend to such lows, 
Into the meaningless, horrible hell, 
That there is no escape from the bowels, 
Even if I was healthy and well. 

And my life shall end up not in Europe, 
Where The Thought and The Word are free 
But in the asshole of a Russian prison, 
In the midst of two-legged rats… 

Boris Stomahin. (Translated by Victor Pavlenkov). March 23-24, 2013 Russian Prison, Moscow

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