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Campaign against thoughtcrime - why is it important?

The authoritarian repressive machine in Russia is gaining momentum. Besides the notorious persecution of the Pussy Riot punk band and Bolotnaya protesters, the Investigation Committee of Russia has fabricated an even more absurd and cruel criminal case against a prisoner of conscience and radical publicist Boris Stomakhin.

The so-called ‘second case of Stomakhin’ is characterised by a total informational vacuum: facts about his severe persecution for his beliefs and articles are not publicised in the Russian and world media. They are censored even in ‘liberal’ news agencies. ‘The second case of Stomakhin’ is a showcase for intimidating civil activists and splitting the Russian anti-Putin movement.

The demand to stop persecution for beliefs and words and to immediately release Boris Stomakhin has already been supported by many human rights defenders, such as Vladimir Bukovsky, Natalia Gorbanevskaya, Alexander Podrabinek, by scientists, artists, and just ordinary people in Russia and abroad. But it is not enough. To break the information blockade and to create public awareness of the Stomakhin case we need thousands of people who share our values in freedom of speech.

The World Public Committee Against Thoughtcrime is counting on your help in the struggle against authoritarian brutality and political persecution in Russia.

How you can help Boris Stomakhin?

  1. Show this petition to your friends or family. 
  2. Write about this issue online, in your blog or on your webpage. 
  3. Write to your MP asking him or her to send a letter to the Russian President, demanding that all political prisoners, including Boris Stomakhin, be freed. 
  4. Write to the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country. 
  5. Make a donation to the Civil Self-defence Fund (PayPal - doinfo@ya.ru, other details - at http://patriofil.ru/publ/10-1-0-145). 
  6. Sign the petition against thoughtcrime on http://patriofil.ru/publ/1-1-0-131 or on AVAAZ

© Victor Korb, russian text, 2013
© Eugene Legedin, translating, 2013
© Yuri Belov, editing, 2013

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